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Still Mentally Incontinent
The second MI Book

The first Seven Chapters:

Chapter 1:
- Doing The Gay

Chapter 2:
- Never Saw THAT One Coming...

Chapter 3:
- Top Five Worst Birthdays Ever

Chapter 4:
- 1-800-STALKER

Chapter 5:
- Where's Your Sense Of Adventure?

Chapter 6:
- I Never Really Was The Outdoor Type

Chapter 7:
- Sorry, Deer

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And what kind of author wouldn't give you samples of his first book?

Chapter 1:
- The Wal-Mart Story

Chapter 5:
- The Cows... They Talk!

Chapter 11:
- I'm Just Dying To Know You

All this and more can be found in:

Mentally Incontinent

The first book from this website

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Site News:   So You Want To Give Me Money...
By joe the peacock
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Over the past, oh, 8 years or so, I've had people ask me how they could financially support me. In the beginning, before there was the first book, they wanted to donate directly to me. Then, when the first book came out, I told them to just buy a copy of that - it's the best way to help me out as a writer.

Then, the first book went out of print, permanently. And the second book came out, and people who never heard of me found this site and the first book and again started asking how they could send me a buck, or buy the first book. Some say they just love what they read (THANKS!), and some say they feel guilty for reading both books for free online and want me to get a buck or two.

I've always declined direct donations, and will continue to do so - but, I've decided that, if you've read Mentally Incontinent (the first or the second), and you just really feel like you want to donate a buck or put some money toward a Joe-Type Thing, then here's your chance.

ToonSeum and I are collecting for our upcoming Art of Akira Exhibit. Any amount from $1 to $10,000 is welcome and appreciated.


If you read the books and stories here and liked them, and wondered how you could show me with a financial contribution, this is the best possible way. You'll be financing something I care very, very deeply about.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled thing you were doing.

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Posted on Wednesday, February 24 2010
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